Four Factors To Consider When Choosing Diamond Jewellery

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Don’t you look at certain features when you visit a store to buy electronics? You might carry a checklist when you go to purchase home furnishings. Similarly, when it comes to jewellery, there are many merchants selling cheap and quality items. Solitaire personal ornaments are pieces that women go crazy over. There are many that are sold online, however, there are warning signs about this. You should go to a reputed store, so that you are rest assured, that the items are genuine.

What’s so great about having diamond accessories? They are costly, but amazing gift options. There are rare solitaire stones such as pink, which is extremely expensive, while the hints of yellow stones are available at many stores. Are you planning to purchase jewellery such as diamonds? If this is the first time that you’re buying it, here are four factors for you to consider:

• Clarity

The beauty of the stone that is seen to our naked eye, is not considered as the clarity. These inclusions, which are inside the stones are different to the blemishes on the surface. Gemologists use powerful magnifying equipment to examine and determine the clarity, size, position and type of it.

Here are some grading’s namely:
– FL: no internal and external flaws
– VVS1: extremely slight flaws
– SI1: slight included 1, inclusions are visible under magnifying apparatus

• Carat

When you visit diamond jewellers to purchase diamonds, you would be questioned about the weight and size you prefer. This is known as the amount of carat of that accessory, which is the measurement used to weigh these kinds of precious stones. Depending on the style and size, the carat changes. For example a one carat princess-cut diamond will defer from that of a round shape.

• Cut grades

This is one of the most important features, when you’re selecting these personal ornaments. This is different than the shape, as it is how the cutter balances the symmetry, polish and proportion of the stone. They are done based on the 3 reflections of light, which includes dispersion, brilliance and scintillation.

The highest standards and appeal of the stone is determined how well the cutter is able to cut it, by controlling the 3 reflections.

• Colour

These aren’t the colours that are noticed, when you move the diamonds purchased from qorgeous diamond jewellers in Sydney. It’s the natural colour of the body of the diamond. It’s normal for them to show slight signs of brown, gray or yellow. When there are fewer colours it increases the value and allows more light to enter.

The colour is rated according to the following scale:
– D: Highest grade, which is absolute colourless
– F – E: Small traces of colour
– G – H: Almost colourless
– K – Y: Slight colour visible

These are some of the facts to consider when you are customizing or purchasing any diamond ornaments.