Getting a Self-Bronze Glow

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Looking tan now has become a very popular and rapid growing hottest accessory today among many people. This has become famous especially with the young adults. Many people want to have a better and little more colour in their face and body than being white or too pale. Looking pale or sickly white has gone out of style people want to feel the beautiful bronze glow.

Since staying and resting under the sun is bad for the skin, many people choose to tan their own self with sprays. Baking under the sun all day is bad for the health as well as the body, sometimes it can even lead to skin cancer. Spray tanning is a method used to spray fine mist all over your body. It is a form of self tanning or can be called as sunless tanning too.

The ingredient Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is used in the mist, when the mist is sprayed on to skin of the body; the chemistry reaction of the ingredient reacts with the skin allowing it to turn the skin bronze or tan. Self tanning using the spray is a temporary method that will usually last between three to seven days. Spray tanning in Brisbane is skin safety approved but does not protect from sun’s rays.

These self tanning processes can be done using cheap spray tan to expensive spray tan.

The cheap spray tan are less expensive is because of the low-quality spray tan solutions used. The results gained from using spray tans are really good. The skin gains a beautiful glow of tan or bronze. Although it is famous with many celebrities and models, today most people too prefer to use spray tanning.

There are many devices that use mist for spray tanning. Tanning can be applied in a booth in beauty salon or tanning place. These booths are specially designed to have many jets or nozzles that will help spray the entire body with the spray tanning solution giving the person a perfect glowing skin.

Another device is the airbrush or air gun that is used in spray tanning, this device is like a paint gun that painters use in a home to paint. This airbrush is smaller in size and more mobile. Another simple option that anyone can use by their own self is the spray than from a bottle. Today there are many spray tanning bottle products manufactured by a lot of cosmetic companies using the same ingredient found in the booth of a salon or an airbrush gun. Spray tanning is different from the self tanning products like creams, lotions, gels, mousses etc.